The opinions and perspectives of individuals as well of the entire change team are changing regularly during complex change processes that take several years. This statement is derived from the fact that nowadays, in times of digital transformation corporate changes must primarily be based on jointly developed hypotheses instead of on empirical data and tried and testes long-term competences and established behavioural patterns. 


Theses hypotheses must be compared continually with the encountered actual and specific change experiences and then be modified, if necessary, or even changed disruptively, i.e. abandoned. 

Change is always a reflected, iterative process, characterised by significant insecurities, unpredictability, ambiguities, uncertainties, volatility and a high degree of complexity. 

In order to be an external and sincere change partner and to act in an authentic, clear, weatherproof, and motivated manner in corporate expeditions that can take several years as well as to lead through “unchartered seas and land”, FAKTOR3 Consulting needs its own stable and proven mission statement, a clear, reliable mission and sound values, applied and lived consistently:


  • We implement change programmes successfully with our clients.    
  • Together we manage complexity with extensive personal, professional and methodological experience.    
  • We take people, their concerns, needs and fears seriously at all times and treat them with respect. 
  • We voice uncomfortable truth.  
  • We act with determination and courage. We know our own fears. 
  • We prevent that there are unnecessary losers in the change process. 


  • Trust and Respect

  • Integrity and Transparency

  • Fairness and Professionalism

  • Independence and Authority

  • Freedom and Tolerance

  • Curiosity and Inspiration

  • Honesty and Commitment


From the above statements our way to work derives as follows:

  • We are aware of our own personalities, values and behavioural patterns at all times. They are decisive for our interaction with clients.
  • We give our clients situational, and, if needed, immediate guidance, confidence, and support.  
  • We are aware of the responsibility for our own actions as well as for our clients at all times and always do our best.
  • Our partners work individually in all changes, i.e. analyses, concepts, and implementations are based on extensive professional, methodological knowledge and behavioural expertise. Every transformation is 100 % client-specific, i.e. “tailor-made”. 
  • We always act in a solution-oriented and committed way. At all times we remain agile throughout the change process, in case hypotheses need to be adjusted consistently. 
  • Our various change workshops for clients are conducted in a leadership-experienced, weather-proof, phase-specific (resistance-chaos-integration) way and are always inspiring and effective.  




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